Is it time for a U.S. national AI strategy?

The Center for Data Innovation called for a national strategy to guide the literal explosion of AI development across healthcare and all sectors of the economy.


Unlike the U.S., many other countries have already developed strategies for the rapid explosion of AI development. The Center says developing a strategy will require more than modest increases in funding for AI research. An AI strategy for the U.S. will call for a “multi-pronged approach,” focusing on policy areas that include data and skills and that also identify opportunities to accelerate adoption of AI.


AI and machine learning are set to transform healthcare. From front line care delivery, including triage, clinical decision support and patient experience to back-office operations, such as billing and revenue cycle, algorithms and emerging technologies are already proving their value. And that will only change in the months and years ahead as more startups get funded, proofs-of-concept demonstrate success and pilot programs take flight into production environments.

Here at HIMSS Media, we are Focusing on Artificial Intelligence during November, showing the magnitude of the ways AI is impacting healthcare. Among them, Medical Diagnostic Web has introduced a new marketplace on its medical imaging blockchain platform that will allow radiologists to have access to a range of specific AI algorithms that can augment their practices. In an article that looks at how CIOs are using dashboards and AI to improve care, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center staff have deployed AI to reduce sepsis in their Epic EHR system and are exploring other areas as well.


“Failing to develop [an AI strategy] will not only reduce America’s global competitiveness, but it will slow its economic growth and impede societal progress,” says the Center for Data Innovation.

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