Kids are pushed in the abdomen mom out of a desire to explore the world

Why during pregnancy, children are often pushed in the stomach? Scientists have found that the fruit thus exploring the surrounding area.

Almost every pregnant woman at some period feel, as her baby starts pushing and kicking inside the abdomen. Someone refers to this gesture of the baby with tenderness, and someone they care about, and even frightening.And now research scientists from University College London, helped to answer the question about why the fetus actually behaves. The researchers analyzed the brain waves of 19 kids at the age of just two days, some of which came to light ahead of time, and therefore, their brain still believed they are in the womb. It turned out that when the baby kicked the space around the hands and feet, his brain activated region, which is responsible for sensory perception and helps to understand better with your own body. In other words, using these gestures the kids just studied the world around them.

The authors of the study measured the brain waves that arose at the moment when the kids pushed and kicked during rapid eye movement sleep. This phase occurs at the time of increased activity of the brain. Brain waves measured by electroencephalogram obtained by adding small sensors to the scalp. These sensors can detect electrical signals produced by brain cells. The ages of the kids ranged from 31 to 42 weeks of gestation, which was important for the formation of brain the illusion of continuance in the womb.

The results showed that during the movements of the baby’s brain activated area of the touch perception or somatosensory cortex. The size of these brain waves was most significant in preterm infants at the time when they were in the third trimester of gestational period. But as soon as the kids had all the time to be born, such movements they have occurred. (READ MORE)