Life goes on: 10 ways to fight postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is not the whims of a young mother, this disease. However, in some it passes quickly and easily, others get stuck in this state for years. Talk, how to minimize the symptoms of postpartum depression or even make it so that it does not bother you.

1. To prepare for childbirth
From physical and psychological form, you are come to the birth, depends, I guess you postpartum depression or not. Pay special attention to exercise and nutrition, by listening to what the experts say.

2. To breast feed
Prefer breastfeeding. First, it’s convenient – saves you from the hassle of bottles and frees up a lot of time. Secondly, it is useful in children who breast-feed have stronger immune system. And finally, breastfeeding eliminates the alienation that may arise in relation to the child.

3. Not to go on a diet

Nowhere in the world there is no such thing as postnatal diet or a diet of the nursing mother. Yes, your body is not in the best form, but time for diet now is also not the best. If you torture yourself with boiled chicken and fresh buckwheat, the figure may be slimmer, but the mood is definitely worse. But it is in fact not so.

4. To delegate responsibility
Any depression is a deficiency of vitality. And the worst thing you can do in this state to do everything. Overcome yourself and tell relatives: “it’s hard for Me, I need your help.” Delegate some responsibilities to the husband, grandmother or even hire an assistant to reduce your personal stress level and live noises.

5. To take in the moment

You probably have fears and guilt. Are you afraid that you will not be able to become a good mother. Blame yourself for not “joined” the maternal instinct. The best thing to do in a situation like this thinking “chewing gum” – to take in the moment. Give yourself completely ordinary processes, whether it be washing bottles or changing diapers. Focusing on the here and now gets rid of unnecessary thoughts.

6. Not to forget about yourself
“I no longer belong to yourself” – often with horror realize women immersed in the care of the baby. But to please my own need. Instead of endless sitting on mamsky forums – watch movies. Walking through the Park, listen to the music player or audio books. And believe me, you can always find the time to do hair mask or do some crunches.

7. Not to refuse sex
May have to go through “do not want” to have sex during the depression need. Solely for the sake of health. During sex, the blood is ejected serotonin – the hormone of pleasure, which are lacking. Don’t worry, the appetite will come during meal.

8. To reduce the pace of life
Number of cases that fall on the head of a young mom can drive you crazy. “How to do everything?” despair bred woman’s hand. At a time and slowly. Postpartum depression is not the best time to roll up our sleeves, put on 200%. You exhausted read the above, use the help of loved ones, to reduce the load.

9. To learn how to sleep

With the birth of a child for restful sleep can only dream of. And we offer you to realize this dream. First, be sure to sleep from 21.00 to 1.00 – at this time, the nervous system rests best. In addition, use every opportunity to NAP during the day – housework can wait.

10. Contact the experts
Postpartum depression is a disorder that is a disease. If you understand that to get yourself out of it can not – do not hesitate to contact the experts. Treating all forms of depression are engaged in psychotherapists, and specialists such as doctors, such as gynecologists or mammalogy.