Matilda has used it: Sara Kulka explains why your three-year-old daughter was nursing

Hate comments, insults, hostile mothers who breast-feed their children over the years, need to defend themselves against attacks. Also GNTM-Model Sara Kulka is affected. She advertises for more Serenity and no longer wants to hide.

On the subject of long-time tempers boil breast-high. How long a Baby should be breastfed? Damage, if it is not breastfed? And what is with the small children sucking at the breast of the mother, even though they already attend the nursery and to otherwise eat Ratatouille for lunch?

The former GNTM-Model Sara Kulka was flooded with hate comments, as a photo appeared that showed while Breastfeeding her then two and a half year old daughter Matilda. On your Instagram Account, you also reported a holiday in the USA. The family was traveling in the Taxi. Matilda was crying in her seat, terribly, as you would have pain. I took her to my lap and nursed you. The taxi driver turned around and Sara Kulka was afraid that he would scold her. But he made compliments.

The mood is heated. Therefore, mothers who breast-feed their children also withdraw when they are older than a year, rather. Women who dare to go Public, and are rather rare. The hostility will be getting bigger, says Sara Kulka in star TV. On the other hand, you also get a lot of encouragement.

After the sixth month of breast-feeding has a lot to do with rituals

Pediatrician Amelie Ebler confirmed that breast-feeding until the fourth month of medical benefits for the child. It is proven that Breastfeeding in the first four months in relation to chronic diseases, a real advantage. It is not healthier when you are breastfeeding two or three years longer. After the first half of the year, it’s more about rituals and binding.

If the breast is given or not, depends not so much on whether the mother can provide milk. It is determined by how culture and society deal with the issue. The view of it, what is the function of the female breast, the quality of the breast milk and customs determine how the mothers accept breast-feeding, was a study of the Health Science Journal. There are, especially in Africa cultures, in which children over the age of three years are breastfed.

Only about 40 percent of all babies, not older than six months, breastfed exclusively, according to a UN study. In this Phase, the mother’s milk acts like a first vaccination. Recommendations on how long the chest should be given only for the first year of life. The WHO and the National breastfeeding Commission, advise mothers to breastfeed until the sixth month. In Germany, after birth, about 90 percent of babies who are breastfed, according to the sixth month of 50 percent. After that, there are no reliable Figures.

The women are self-tolerant – only on the environment but difficult for

While the mothers themselves view the issue more as a private matter, many people feel, apparently provoked when a child who can already go, it will be applied to the chest. Your five-year-old daughter Matilda has breastfed Sara Kulka, until it was three years old. Would have told me six years ago, someone that I once made a three-year-old child silence, I would have said You’re crazy, she said. Then I noticed that Matilda has found it nice and very needed. At some point I hid it. Not even friends you told about it. Since it bypasses open, the mother of two daughters, both positive and negative comments. It is often told me that I’m a pervert, that I’m disgusting.

This is the experience of women who are breast-feeding your child beyond the age of a year, make, often. There are people who had no contact were, where questions came up, whether I’m scared that I’m going to appear for child abuse, reported a mother who is breastfeeding her two year old daughter.

Kindergarten child at the breast of the mother

The four-year-old Milena goes to Kindergarten, and lives the normal everyday life of a kindergarten child with Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But once a day she drinks from the breast of its mother, on weekends even more often. I silence my daughter, because she wants. It has settled just so, told her mother, Nicole B., and remains calm because of the discussions around the topic. I think that to stop at some point. It’s like with everything else, whether the children are dry, or their pacifier. At some point of time in the happen by itself.

If my child needs to Breastfeed to Wake up or to fall Asleep, then, is the way it is. I see nothing unnatural and Reprehensible. Nicole B. white, that Long-term irritation, breast-feeding is the topic. The many may simply not see that a bigger child still drinks milk at the breast or in the case of the Mama’s nipple. While the need to a pacifier to suck on.

I want to be able to decide when I’m going in the shower

Thus, the critical comments revolved mainly about, that a mother should create in the free areas and the not going when you are still silent. But it was also about acceptance. For me it is strange, when the children run around, play, and then the Sweater of Mama pushing up and virtually operate, said Sandra, for example, My desire is that these moms stop in time, before it is for the child embarrassed, or even for the mother, says Michaela L..

So, the actress Juliette Greco, who stopped after the second child, a baby pause to see it. The four-month-old son is still breastfed. I enjoy this, but for me, it’s when he starts to bite me. In addition, the young mother does not want to be connected permanently. I would like to one day be able to again decide for itself when I go under the shower or when I go to the cinema to go, she says. When I think that I would have to waive three, four, or six years, which is also a mom makes but dependent. Their oldest daughter, Luana, is five years old. She was not breastfed. A miracle has become. We don’t have the feeling that she has missed something.

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