Men’s values are changing

Researchers from the University of British Columbia (Canada) reported on the change existed for centuries of male values: according to scientific experts, replacing traditional notions of masculinity come other priorities. Scientists claim that modern men demonstrate a complete departure from the image of “macho”.

The researchers note that until recently the basic constructs of gender in male values looked like this: unlike women men are more likely to take risks, more susceptible to bad habits and less likely to follow health. However, a survey conducted by scientists shows that these paradigms are big changes.

“The vast majority of respondents us men (91%) reported that the most important thing for them – to help others: according to them, it must be done by men. On the second place among the most important characteristics for men were openness (88%), then intelligence (87%) and healthy lifestyle (86,5%),” – said the authors of the project.
According to them, modern men increasingly value health and physical attractiveness. The present sportiness and health, say scientists.

In addition, changing the reference points of a social nature. The researchers said that many of the respondents men expressed uncertainty about their future major financial success, but said that not money determine the success. Following the change of values, men confidently say that it’s more important to have an attractive appearance, intelligence and a healthy mind than an impressive Bank account.

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