Moderna vaccine walk-ins: Where can you get your first or second jab of Moderna?

Moderna boss says it's ‘delivered on commitments’ across Europe

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AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna are the main coronavirus vaccine providers in the UK, with everyone under 40 now being offered either Pfizer or Moderna. However, some who received Moderna as their first dose have reported struggling to get their second at walk-in centres around England.

How to find a suitable walk-in clinic

The NHS website says: “If you live in England and are aged 18 or over, you can get a COVID-19 vaccine from a walk-in COVID-19 vaccination site without an appointment.

“You do not need to be registered with a GP or bring any ID. It might help to bring your NHS number, if you know it.”

You can head here to enter your postcode and find the nearest clinics near you.

You will also see which types of vaccines are available, so you can ensure you get the same one for your second dose.

What about Moderna?

If you happened to receive Moderna for your first dose, you might be among the growing numbers of young people worried about why you can’t seem to find a walk-in centre offering Moderna jabs.

However, NHS England is reassuring people there will be enough in stock when they are called for their second dose, even if walk-ins aren’t an option for Moderna recipients.

A spokesperson for NHS England told “The National Booking System will offer everyone the appropriate clinic and therefore vaccine depending on the first dose they had.

“If they had Moderna, they will be offered it for the second dose too.”

The spokesperson confirmed the Government “purchased less” of the Moderna vaccines, which is why there are less on offer.

However, the spokesperson said: “There’s no issue with supply, there are enough for everyone who had their first dose to get their second.

“They are held back deliberately to make sure of this.”

So if you are due your second Moderna jab and haven’t been called, your best bet is to book yourself in via the normal route, and don’t bother queuing up at a walk-in.

According to the chief scientist of the World Health Organisation, people shouldn’t mix Covid jabs unless they’re specifically advised to.

Soumya Swaminathan told an online briefing on Monday after a question about booster shots: “It’s a little bit of a dangerous trend here.

“It will be a chaotic situation in countries if citizens start deciding when and who will be taking a second, a third and a fourth dose.”

She said later in a tweet: “Individuals should not decide for themselves, public health agencies can, based on available data.

“Data from mix and match studies of different vaccines are awaited – immunogenicity and safety both need to be evaluated.”

Some studies are showing positive results from mixing vaccines, but these are in the preprint stage and need further studies to support them.

Mixing vaccines is seen as an option in some countries where supply is short of one particular vaccine.

But the WHO is concerned about a situation where individuals decide for themselves which vaccines to get and how far apart to space them without guidance from health authorities.

The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on vaccines said in June the Pfizer Inc vaccine could be used as a second dose after an initial dose of AstraZeneca if the latter is not available.

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