Nurse warns: I see daily what happens when parents don’t wear your helmet

For the past 20 years in Marietta as a nurse on a neuro-station surgical is working hard. For your patients who have had serious traffic accidents, brain hemorrhage, or brain tumors. Many of your patients are cyclists that have worn in the fall with no helmet.

Sometimes when I go from the service to go home, I start to count cyclists. Like last Sunday, it’s gorgeous weather and many cyclists were on the road. For a distance of ten kilometres, I counted 44 cyclists – 40 of them wore no helmet. The four, who had a helmet on, were children who were traveling with their parents.

Especially now in the summer it is often the case that we have patients with us to the Station, which crashed during a Bicycle tour, and head injuries involved. Severe traumatic brain injury, in most cases, the people are then for the first time in an artificial coma. How and if you awaken from them, no one can say exactly. Most of them wore in the fall-no helmet.

The mother of three children crashed without a helmet – even today, she lies in coma

I remember a serious accident two years ago. A family of five with had made an excursion, the children, the parents without a helmet. The mother rushed with the wheel, fell on the head and was seriously injured. She had internal massive bleeding in the Skull and a severe swelling of the brain. She survived, but to this day, a heavier care case, and is in a coma.

You can never take back your children in the Arm, you have the school making sandwiches, or you read something. It is dependent for the rest of her life to the aid of others, whether your family takes at all true, no one can say exactly. The father is now with three children and his wife alone. This Drama would have been avoided.

My skull is so thick, so fast, nothing is happening

So an accident is not an isolated case. They happen over and over again. Meanwhile, I have made it my mission to friends, Acquaintances, other parents to respond and ask you why you don’t wear a helmet – and the kids.

When I ask this question, I get usually the following responses: I drive it to the supermarket, nothing is going to happen. Or: I often bike, I am quite practiced well, because nothing can happen. Or: as little as I drive, I don’t need a helmet. Someone once said to me: My skull is so thick, so fast, nothing is happening

I can’t understand. Because I don’t think there are worse things than a child in the eyes look to, whose parents are struggling in part with the life.

Father died after falling from the wheel

A few weeks ago there was another serious accident. A father was driving with the wheel, crashed, and was badly hurt. He was with us on the ward in a coma and ultimately died of his injuries. He leaves behind a wife with two children (three and five years). We realized that the father manages to get the children the opportunity to adopt from the father.

The five-year-old child asked me for a Favor. It asked me that I have to hold Papa’s Hand and give him nice things in my ear, whispering, when he goes to the child, even did not dare. I promised the kid, and my promise kept. I have kept the father’s Hand until the very last heartbeat, I stood there and cried, although to me this man was a stranger.

I think every day in this family, wondering how you were doing. Now I have to live with these images, it has left me with deep scars.

Up to my pregnancy in the year 2004, we are driven without a helmet. It was only when my husband one day came, as usual night shift home, but with hours of delay, has made it click. Why? He was overthrown and was covered in blood in front of me. As it became clear to us, what luck he had had and that we wanted to this call for another Time out.

Therefore, my request: wear a helmet, even if your only a few hundred metres ride. Also, if your hairstyle is ruined after that. Just think of your children. And the fact that you are not supposed to grow up without you.

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