Of get: boy Ghost Martin Pistorius

We wonder how important and indispensable is the ability to Express their thoughts through speech. Martin Pistorius knows the value of that gift. At age 12, he began to gradually lose the ability to walk, move, speak, and then to make eye contact. Doctors bred rukami recommend parents to take the boy home, providing it with proper palliative care. The most likely cause of these changes, experts schedulicity meningitis. But what happened after 13 years, can only be described as a miracle. About him, and about his thoughts for many years in obezbijede body, more details says Martin himself.

The first 12 years of my life I was normal, healthy boy. But then everything changed I was diagnosed with an infection of the brain. I have become a vegetable with the intelligence of three children.

Since then, as I got sick, and up to 16 years old, I don’t remember anything. But thanks to the stories of family and old photos, I was able to wrap his head picture of his childhood.

In 16 years I have been coming back to mind, but I still could not tell others about it, as the body was immobilized.To describe his condition at the moment is simply impossible. I felt like a Ghost in his body, that is why the book I wrote called the Boy Ghost (Ghost boy). I saw, heard and understood everything that was happening around me, but I didn’t have the chance for anything to affect. Impotence is perhaps one of the most horrible feelings I have ever experienced.

I had a feeling that I don’t exist. Everything was decided for me from the choice of clothes and food to the location.

I lived inside my head

Even when my mind has returned, I continued daily to visit the center to care for children with disabilities. Most of the day I was sitting in a wheelchair in the same position, trying to force your brain to sleep. Then I began to actively use your imagination, presenting a variety of interesting situations. For example, I imagined a little man who climbs aboard a spaceship and fly away to another planet. I lived inside my head.

As time went on, but no one guessed that my mind came back. Thinking about how I will spend the rest of his life, terribly frightened me. It seemed to me that no one else will show me tenderness, I will never talk to a friend I will never love. I had no dreams, no hopes, no plans for the future. I was waiting for death to liberate me from this suffering.

Due to the inability to speak I was the perfect victim, which the people used to fulfil your darkest desires. Over 10 years the people who had to take care of me, verbally abused me, and was subjected to physical and sexual violence. They had no idea about what I feel and understand. I was filled with pain, sadness and anger. Neither of my parents did not know that this is happening.

Through communication we Express ourselves to the world

Over time I learned to tell time by the location of shadows. Remembering how the shadows move during the day, I could understand how much time is left before I will take home. To see included in the door of the father who came for me was the best moment of the day.

In the institution where I was once a week began coming to the aromatherapist. Whether through intuition or attention to detail, she was convinced that I understand what people say. She insisted that my parents took me to the experts in augmentative and alternative communication. During the year I learned to use a computer program to communicate.

After some time I ceased to attend the institution, and landed her first job was making copies on the scanner. My new world was very exciting but still scared me. I found that real fellowship is more than just a physical transmission of the message. Want your message perceived and respected.

Communication is what makes us human, allowing you to get closer at the deepest level. So the world will know who we are.

After a while I managed to improve the work of their hands and make the body stronger and helped me become more mobile, even sitting in a wheelchair. To stand up I can hardly, as well as to return to his voice. But at the moment, for me it’s not so important. It is important to me as I talk, the main thing that I can do it!

The ability to communicate brought me back to life

Returning home from work, I thought about what lives in me so much love that there is no one to give. When I’ve accepted the fact that I will be single for the rest of my days, I met Joan. Joan said she was in love with my speech. Now we have an excellent relationship, based on honesty and openness. I again began to feel whole, worthy of love man.

Now my life is just fantastic. I live with my wife in England. I published a book, which a few weeks stayed on the bestseller list New York Times. In addition, I managed to get a degree in computer science, as well as to pass on the right.

Once I was perceived as an inanimate object, a mindless Ghost of a boy in a wheelchair. Today I am much more than that: a husband, son, friend, brother, business owner, world-class graduate with honours degree, a passionate Amateur photographer. It is the ability to communicate gave them to me.

I want everyone who has heard my story, never lose hope. I want people to treat others with kindness, dignity, compassion and respect. Don’t underestimate the power of thought, the importance of love and faith. And never stop dreaming!