On the evening of 31 December, the risk of heart attack rises to maximum

The risk of heart attack increased to the maximum at 10:00 PM on New year’s eve, as the study showed. This is due to the stress of preparing for the holiday.

The evening of December 31 is a time when people often faced with heart attacks, as scientists have found. They compared the time and date 281 000 heart attacks that occurred over 16 years in Sweden. It turned out that on New year’s eve people often carry these dangerous for life, disorders in the heart. Scientists believe that emotional stress and anxiety increase the risk of heart attack, especially among people over 75 who are already suffering from any cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

It is therefore important to protect this category of people from stress on the eve of preparation for the new year holidays. Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have proven that on December 31 the risk of heart attack increases by 37%, despite the fact that for most people is the brightest and happiest day of the year. While January 1 is a little more secure, and here the risk is increased only 29%. The scientists write that acute feelings, anger, anxiety, sadness, grief and itself stress increase the risk of myocardial infarction, which explains the conclusions of the study. In addition, New year’s relatives often visit each other after a long break, sometimes they see not very good health of a loved one and insist that he went to the hospital. This can also be explained by the increased number of hospitalizations.

This study also showed that throughout the year the risk of heart attack traditionally increases by 10% on Mondays. The most dangerous time of the first day of the week is 8:00 am, when the probability of a heart attack increases by 60% compared to other times of day. It is possible that the stress of the beginning of the week leads to spikes in blood pressure and increased heart rhythm. (READ MORE)