Over 2 dozen whooping cough cases confirmed in communities north of Saskatoon

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has confirmed a spate of whooping cough cases in communities north of Saskatoon.

Twenty-five cases have been confirmed in the Rosthern, Hague, Wakaw, Hepburn, and Waldheim areas since the start of October.

Most of the 25 cases were among children and teens, with half of the confirmed cases being children under the age of five.

Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a highly contagious infection of the lungs and throat. The disease can be fatal and is most serious in babies under the age of one.

“Any new case, it bothers me. It’s not only for that individual that caught the infection, but for the fact it is a vaccine preventable infection, which means we have the vaccine, the vaccine is free and we are able to provide that shot,” said Dr. Simon Kapaj, the deputy medical health officer with the health authority.

“From that, I think we shouldn’t see whooping cough cases at all,” Kapaj said.

In Saskatchewan, pertussis immunization is routinely offered at two, four, six and 18 months, and two boosters at four to six-years and in Grade 8.

Kapaj said it’s also important for adults, especially caregivers, to review their immunizations records.

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