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Word & Image Publisher KonradshöHey GmbH & Co. KG

KonradshöHey 1

82065 baierbrunn, Germany in MüMunich

Commercial Register: Amtsgericht MüMunich HRA 44980

USt-ID. DE 130750628


Authorized representative

Publisher KonradshöHey GmbH

KonradshöHey 1

82065 baierbrunn, Germany

Commercial Register: Amtsgericht MüMunich HRB 80411

this is represented by their Geschäftsfüleader:

Andreas Arntzen (Chair), Dr. Dennis Ballwieser


Gegrüfrom the publisher Rolf Becker †



Phone: (0 89) 744 33-0

Fax: (0 89) 744 33-419

E-Mail: [email protected]


Responsible editor in the sense of § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Dr. Hans Haltmeier


3D Artist: Vladimir Szczesny

Technical Implementation: Burkhardt Röby




We, the word & Image Publisher KonradshöHey GmbH & Co. KG, take the protection of the personal data of the visitors of our Internet services and Apps (hereinafter referred to as "Nutzer" called) very seriously. We have technical and organisational Maßtook the ensure that the regulations &uuml taken;about compliance with data protection both by us and by external service providers.

In the course of the further development of our services and the implementation of new technologies, it is möpossible that Ächanges of this Datenschutzerkläare required. Therefore, we recommend that you Datenschutzerkläfrom re-read.

General data collection and data processing through word & Image

We collect, process or use personal data of users only in so far as this für the provision of our services is necessary.

We make sure that our employees and contracted experts provided by the users or in the course of their Tätightness treat the disclosed information as strictly confidential.

Für the operation of the App required Geräteberechtigungen

Our App uses ausschließthe operating system of the Tablets/Smartphones provided functions (APIs) in the by the operator of the operating system prescribed manner. In our App of the implemented information services, and Funktionalitäten without Einschrärestrictions to use köcan benöwe require the following permissions:


To access the camera function is benörequired to use the Augmented Reality function. Access to the camera and it is only after you have approved access to such information in the first use of the App.