Province considering new rules around carbon monoxide alarms

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says the province is exploring what more can be done to get more carbon monoxide alarms installed in homes and buildings, including possible changes to current legislation.

There has been a a spike in the number of carbon monoxide poisonings in B.C. in recent days.

This week, 19 adults and 3 children ended up in the hyperbaric chamber after they were exposed to the odorless, colourless gas.

Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis says CO detectors should be mandatory in all homes in both B.C. and Canada.

It’s something he and fire chiefs across the province have been pushing for.

“So far, we’re still waiting on that decision,” Garis said.

“They haven’t said no, but they haven’t said yes, and we’re waiting an awful long time. And as that occurs we’re going to see more and more people that are sick from this situation and maybe die.”

CO exposure kills about 50 Canadians every year, and alarm manufacturer Kidde Canada estimates that carbon monoxide puts between 20,000 and 40,000 North Americans in the hospital annually.

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