Rewe calls nationwide chocolate – a health hazard for Allergy sufferers

"The reason for the precautionary recall of the affected Batch, the use of a wrong packaging for a few Tafeln&quot is;, the company said. "Incorrectly was for the variety 'Bio Mandelkrokant' the packaging of the 'Organic Premium Milk Schokolade' used." It was a very limited number that came in the trade, it means more.

The company has the affected product directly from the sale to take. Other minimum shelf-life data, and batches are not betoffen according to a statement.

Customers may return the product in the respective market return and get the purchase price refunded, without submission of receipts.

Health Risk Of Almond Allergy

Symptoms of an almond Allergy itchy skin, malaise, diarrhea, and vomiting to difficulty in breathing. In the worst case, an allergic shock threatens.