Sam’s Rescue Inhaler Was So Expensive Without GoodRx, His Pharmacy Wouldn’t Even Tell Him the Price


To help relieve the symptoms and stop sudden attacks, Sam was prescribed a ProAir rescue inhaler. Since he was in-between jobs at the time and didn’t have health insurance, Sam anticipated that the inhaler might be expensive. (In the past, one inhaler would cost him up to $60 with insurance.) When he called his local pharmacy to check the price, they were hesitant to even quote him an exact price. All they told him was that it would be at least a couple hundred dollars.

Afterwards, Sam went online to try to find a cheaper inhaler and discovered GoodRx. “I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I was very skeptical, especially since I’ve never heard of the company.”


Sam was nervous when he turned up at the pharmacy with the GoodRx coupon on his phone. “I was afraid of looking like an idiot, and the pharmacist didn’t say anything about the coupon when I showed it to her.” But, it worked! The price of the ProAir inhaler dropped to $56.45, which he could afford.

As an avid volleyball player (both casually and competitively), it’s important to Sam that his asthma symptoms are kept at bay and his attacks at a minimum. He recently started a new job, but he’s still waiting to qualify for health insurance after his probation period. He said that when he gets insurance again, he’ll continue to check GoodRx first to see whether it will give him a better deal.

“I was so hesitant about using the GoodRx coupon at first, but if it can save you money, why not take a shot?”


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