Scabies-outbreak – the number of infections in Stuttgart rose

Unbearable itching and redness of the skin: The number of scabies cases in children and adolescents is also increasing in Stuttgart. The cases in adults, in such a statement is not possible, comparative data are missing. Moreover, the dark number is probably significantly higher.

The number of reported cases of scabies in children and adolescents in Stuttgart is increased. This year, the local health Department so far, 120 cases of the contagious skin have reported the disease, said a spokesman for the provincial capital. 70 cases of it were in 2017, and less than 30 in the previous years.

119 ill adults were registered in 2018, however, there are values you do not have a comparison, so-the speaker: "Until the summer of 2017, there were only a reporting requirement for facilities in which children and young people." Since then, with residents and staff of facilities such as nursing homes, prisons, and asylum is a reporting obligation accommodation.

Where the risk of Infection is particularly high

And with good reason: The risk of Infection with scabies is particularly high, where many people are in a confined space. Schools or kindergartens, for example, but also assisted Living, in adults.

So Affected, or people suspected of having scabies is not allowed to work in care facilities, if there are infants, children or adolescents are housed.

Residents of such facilities are suffering from scabies, you may not attend events in the community, the community rooms. These are the specifications of the German infection protection act.

Dark-section of the Diseased is probably higher

Off Concerned are allowed to move freely, their infection must also be reported. And so it is not surprising that Figures from the health insurance company Barmer indicate more diseases in the whole of Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the &quot had previously;Stuttgart Zeitung" reported.

The insurance company had determined, according to a spokeswoman, how often important drugs against the disease have been prescribed. 2016 it is, therefore, around 1900 regulations, in 2017, little more than 3000.

A General increase could not be assumed, said the head of the Stuttgart health office. The Figures were regionally very different. Where many people are, the by a mite-caused disease spread rapidly.

Scabies: What you need to know to contagion

The medical term for scabies is Scabies. The disease is caused by mites. However, not by house dust mites, but by a special Mite with the name "Sarcoptes scabiei variatio Hominis".

These mites are transmitted only from human to human by contact, Pets can be infested with the mites also do not pass. A short contact is not enough, however. It must be a prolonged contact, for example by co-Sleeping in a bed.

  • Scabies is not nearly as contagious as you might suspect.
  • And: has to do with scabies, contrary to the widespread opinion nothing to do with a lack of Hygiene.

Learn more about the mites.

What are the symptoms of scabies

The mites are non-toxic, but the human immune system reacts to still on the animals and their excretions. The take: The first symptoms do not show until two to five weeks after infection with scabies mites.

  • The term scabies is derived from “scratch” – because those Affected are plagued by a very strong, excruciating itching. The skin is scaly and crusty, with scratch marks as a result of the itching all over.
  • The mites gears are visible as a fine, spiral lines on the skin. At the end of such a line, a small skin collection is here the mite is sitting.
  • Sometimes the scabies also manifests itself in pea-sized nodules, around which the skin is reddened.

As the scabies can treat

Already at the first scabies symptoms such as erythematous papules in the genital area, between the fingers or in the armpits, and especially itchiness, you should consult quickly to the doctor.

To treat scabies, need to be killed off the mites. This is usually achieved by Applying a special ointment with the active ingredient Permethrin, a man – made insecticide.

There are other ointments with other drugs that also help. In addition to the topical treatment with ointments, the scabies can also be treated by a drug to Swallow.

After a few days of treatment, the mites are dead. Because the symptoms are not caused by the mites themselves, but by the immune system, it can torment of the itching and several weeks beyond.

Since itch mites can survive outside the human body for a few days, advises switch to the expert of the Affected individuals and their contact persons, clothing and bed linen daily and wash at at least 60 degrees. Towels you should renew immediately after use. Non-washable things should be Packed in 7 to 14 days air-tight.