Scientists will learn which foods cause cancer

According to the world health organization, every 6 minutes the Earthman is dying of cancer. Only in 2018 cancer claimed 9.6 million lives. Approximately a third of cases the cancer developed because of poor eating habits, experts say. What products should be treated with caution — in the material RIA Novosti.

Sweet death

“Sugar and artificial sweeteners — the number one in the list of dangerous products. Excessive consumption of refined sugar can lead to chronic diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular system, and cause obesity.

Sugar substitutes, artificial colors and flavors, beverages and products containing them, is very toxic. Penetrating through the mucous membranes of the larynx and esophagus, they are able to run a malignant growth of the cells and not only cause of obesity. The abuse of harmful products may lead to cancer of the throat, esophagus and stomach and other organs and systems,” — told RIA Novosti Natalia Sukontseva, oncologist, head of Oncology surgery Department of combined treatment of Clinics clustered Oncology UKB 1 sechenovskiy University.

Sugar is dangerous because it promotes rapid growth of malignant tumors, say Belgian scientists. Cancerous cells multiply very fast glycolysis (breakdown of glucose without participation of oxygen). His speed in tumor cells may be two hundred times higher than in normal tissues. A by-product of glycolysis bullet — 1,6-bisphosphate fructose is able to activate special proteins produced by the genes of the RAS. They, in turn, cause greater growth of malignant tumors. Vicious “sugar” circle.

According to research by an international group of scientists, excessive sugar consumption can cause cancer of the rectum, breast and bladder, but may protect against glioma, one of the most common types of cancer of the brain or spinal cord. After analyzing the data of about one million people, biologists have discovered that low concentration of sugar in the blood and tissues of the brain is statistically associated with a high risk of developing a malignant tumor of nervous tissue.

Dangerous sausage

At the end of 2015, the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) has recognized the sausage and products of processed meat products with proven carcinogenic activity. According to expert opinion MAIR, their regular consumption may lead to development of colorectal cancer, even 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the chances of getting cancer by 18 percent.
“Semi-finished products, sausage products, smoked meat, ham contain hazardous preservatives, lots of salt and various chemicals. So if you regularly eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of food, it is possible to earn cancer of the colon,” explained Natalia Skorzewo.

In addition, the love for sausage and sausage links can lead to the development of breast cancer, say scientists from the University of Glasgow (UK). Researchers analyzed the diets of more than 270 thousands of European women and the incidence of cancer. It turned out that just one sausage a week increases the risk of malignant tumors by 15 percent. Also harmful to eat a lot of red meat. Instead, scientists are advised to eat poultry or fish.

Greasy, tasty, unhealthy

Foods high in fat contribute to the emergence of aggressive malignant tumors and increase their rate of growth is nearly a hundred times, shown by experiments on genetically modified mice. American scientists have disabled a rodent gene encoding Lpcat3 protein that controls the synthesis of phospholipids in cell membranes. As a result, the mice had increased cholesterol levels. This has led to the rapid division of stem cells in the intestinal tissues and caused the growth of malignant tumors in laboratory animals.
Similar conclusions were reached by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA), for several weeks fed mice fatty food. As a result, in the intestines of rodents has been observed the growth and reproduction of stem cells, which increases the chances of cancer development.

“The systematic use of TRANS fats, chips, popcorn, animal fats can actually lead to increased cholesterol levels, hypertension, obesity, to cause irreversible cell mutation and, as a consequence, lead to malignant processes in the body” — confirms the oncologist Natalia Skorzewo.

The main thing — correctly to prepare

According to French and Brazilian scientists, cancer does not cause any specific foods and their preparations. The cause of the cancer often becomes so-called ultramontana food — bakery products and snacks, carbonated drinks, cereals with sugar, processed foods and reconstituted meat products. This food is high in sugar, fat and salt, but poor in vitamins and fiber.

The researchers analyzed data from more than one hundred thousand people and found that increased consumption of highly processed ten percent increases the risk of developing cancer by 12 percent. In particular, for breast cancer, the figure is 11 percent.

However, the specialists underline that the mechanisms of occurrence of malignant tumors is not fully understood. Cancer, usually the result of a coincidence of several factors — genetic mutations, poor environment, poor diet and lifestyle.

“Of course, you can not blame a particular product or a dietary Supplement in the onset and development of cancer, the guidance is very complicated, but our food can often be the trigger of cancer. Nutrition should be adequate, varied, but mild. It is necessary for normal metabolism and fill the body with nutrients. It is also necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits. And most importantly not to eat foods with a long or expired” — advises Natalia Skorzewo.