Sleep in complete darkness leads to cancer and heart disease

Do not turn on the bedroom light, the need to sleep in absolute darkness. Scientists said that sleep is not in the dark may trigger serious health problems until the appearance of cancer and heart disease.

Sleep in total darkness will increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This was announced by the head of the center for sleep medicine of the Moscow state University named after Lomonosov, doctor-cardiologist, sleep, candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Kalinkin.

“There was a clear link between excess light and the risk of developing various diseases is confirmed more and more. First of all we are talking about cardiovascular diseases, cancer,” – said the scientist.
According to the expert, daylight is the main regulator of the production of the hormone melatonin – decrease and the onset of darkness the hormone is produced more actively. The excess light in the night-time production of melatonin shifts to a later time, as a result, the sleep does not occur in the required hours. So before bedtime, do not need to be in a brightly lit room, and the sleep should take place only in complete darkness.

In turn, Wake up and get out of bed in the dark, scientists do not recommend. Researcher, Institute of problems of ecology and evolution of a name of Alexey Severtsov Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of biological Sciences Vladimir Kovalzon said that the dream must end after sunrise. Studies have shown that if after sleep a person is in dark conditions, it increases the probability of immunity disorders and depression.

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