Sleeping on the stomach is recognized as the most dangerous position

Scientists have identified the most dangerous position to sleep, reported us magazine Bustle. Such a posture was recognized, sleeping on your side. The person who sleeps on the stomach, there is a risk that the large number of dangerous health consequences, warned the experts.

Sleeping on the stomach has been recognized by researchers to be the most dangerous position for a sleeping person. One reason for this, for example, is that sleeping on the stomach can “reward” the pain in the back. In this position, the dreamer is not able to follow the position of the spine, noted scientific experts. Dangerous sleeping on your stomach, and that he will have problems with the neck and joints.

In addition, the researchers noticed that sleep on the abdomen contributes to breathing difficulties, because in this case people turn head to one side. Inadequate breathing prevents lung ventilation leads to a slowing of circulation and in this regard to low provision of oxygen to the brain.

Additionally run the risk of sleeping in the posture on the abdomen of pregnant women. Scientists stated that the dream of the mother on the abdomen is dangerous to the fetus in early pregnancy.

A useful posture, according to experts, is sleeping on your side, especially on the left. In this position, the internal organs work more properly, and doctors suggest when laying in bed just to sleep on my left side.

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