Spain declared war on the homeopaths and psychoanalysts

The Spanish government has declared war on alternative medicine, including acupuncture and homeopathy. Announced that it planned to remove from the medical institutions, professionals of this sphere, as such a practice harmful to health.

This initiative of the ministries of science and health, aims to avoid the potential harmful effects of these methods, especially in cases when they are used as an alternative or in addition to the course of treatment in medical institutions. In a statement, the Spanish government stated that this decision has a scientific evidence base, reports the Guardian.

Many people still believe that some of these treatments work, despite the lack of scientific evidence of govoritsa Declaration of the government.

According to a survey by 2016, up 59.8% of Spaniards believed that acupuncture has a therapeutic effect, and 52.7 per cent believed that homeopathic medicines work.

The Spanish government stated that it wants to remove alternative medicine from the medical centres where the treatment should be carried out by officially recognized experts. Those institutions, which will continue to practice alternative medicine will not be able to be called medical.

In addition, it is planned to remove alternative medicine courses from Spanish universities and to discontinue the practice of issuing diplomas in specialties related to alternative medicine.

Spain also wants to change the law to deal with false advertising related to alternative medicine. Recently, this problem has been widely publicized in Spain, and scientists require from the Ministry to take action after several tragic deaths.

In one such incident, which was reported by the Spanish Association for the protection of patients from pseudo-scientific therapy, the 21-year-old Mario Rodriguez died after refusing hospital treatment of leukemia, preferring a naturopath, who promised him to cure cancer with vitamins. Before he died, he confessed to his father that he made a mistake. Subsequently, father Mario Rodriguez filed a lawsuit this naturopath and won the case.

Association for the protection of patients was a long list of practices that are considered alternative medicine that includes aromatherapy, acupuncture, which is practiced for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, and psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Dmitry Kolesnik