Spin 4 Kids helps to fund athletic programs for children with special needs

It was non-stop spinning action at the Canadian Museum of Immigration on Saturday.

It was one of hundreds of locations for GoodLife’s annual Spin 4 Kids event. Across the country, participants took part in back-to-back spin classes with the goal of bringing in $1 million.

“All the money goes into programming for special needs kids,” said Olympic medalist Silken Laumann, who is also an ambassador for Spin 4 Kids.

Over the years the fundraiser has helped over 250,000 kids access various programs to help get them moving and active.

“There’s a high cost associated,” said Ambassador Alisha Bayers. “We need a higher ratio of people involved to support the children just because of their special needs.

Both woman say the programs are invaluable to the children.

“We know that without movement, kids are going to be at risk of health challenges like diabetes and obesity,” said Laumann.

“It’s also going to help them with their social skills, so it gives them an organic opportunity to be able to learn how to share and play well with others,” said Bayers.

The Holy Spagnoli Spinners, a local team from Halifax, were among the top fundraisers in the country, bringing in $6,600.

As of Saturday afternoon, the local event helped to raise about $60,000, just shy of their goal of $75,000. Organizers say donations will continue to be accepted throughout the week and final numbers will be released later on.

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