Swallowing false teeth the man again takes the food

The employee store for the first time to eat normally for the last three years after he swallowed false teeth. Finally the man helped surgeons.

46-year-old Indian Dipak Nandi for the first time in the last three years can treat themselves to a normal intake of food after he swallowed their own teeth. It happened quite by accident, but since then the Indian was forced to eat through a tube. False teeth has damaged the esophagus and deprived man of the ability to swallow food. In addition, poor mouth constantly drooling, so he was forced to quit my job and live the life of a hermit.

After Deepak swallowed his false teeth, he long hesitated to tell the family. However, the family began to suspect, as within three months Deepak refused to eat normally. Only two and a half years, the man still went through a surgical operation to remove dentures, however, the trauma left behind damage that interfere with normal eating. And only this year Indian again went under the scalpel in order to widen the esophagus. This operation allowed him to return to normal eating.

Currently residing with his older brother and mother Deepak is recovering from recent surgery. Physicians could help the patient much earlier with much less consequences if he was not ashamed of what happened. Swallowing dentures Indian stopped not only to take food to relatives, but to chat and to go out. He even closed his own shop. (READ MORE)