The doctor said she was to fat to Run – a Londoner, shows impressive response

On Sunday, the Londoner Julie Creffield it shows once more your doctor. The doctors had said the 40-Year-old six years ago, on the head, she was “too fat to Run” now takes part in New York already for the umpteenth Time in a Marathon.

I’m maybe ran 30 half-marathons, ultra-marathons and Triathlons – everything that’s challenging me, said the mother of a child, the news Agency AFP.

In her first race over a short distance she had come as last to the finish, and I ashamed totally recalls the 40-Year-old. I thought, maybe I should not be a runner, maybe I am not welcome in the runners world. But Creffield did not give up and even started a Blog under the title ‘ Too Fat to Run, in order to motivate other women in your Situation.

When one thinks of runners, large, slim, fast people before your eyes, says the British woman, who does not reveal her weight. You the course but already for years in a rather slow pace.

At the New York Marathon, around 50,000 people from all over the world take part. The average time is four hours and 35 minutes. Creffield expects for a time between six and half and seven and a half hours – the winner of last year, the Kamworor Kenyans Geoffrey, it took only two hours, ten minutes, and 53 seconds.