The experts explained how the sausage horse DNA

The sausage brand “Duke”, the experts found the DNA of horses. This is reported by “Vesti” on Sunday, November 18.

According to experts, horse meat can add specially because it is cleaner and higher quality.

“Is that beef is very fatty, and to adjust the amount of fat in the sausage, the manufacturer adds lean horse meat,” — said a leading expert in the field of meat industry Boris Ryabinkin.

He noted that since the composition of horse meat was not stated, it is still a violation.

This could occur if the equipment had produced something of horse-flesh, then washed with water, but traces remained, said “RIA Novosti”.

“Hot dogs from the dietary product and recommended for food even as a child, turned into a product with unpredictable properties that must be heat-treated,” said endocrinologist Anna Goncharova, her words reports “”.

Previously, “Roskoshestvo” checked sausages 40 Russian brands. According to the results of the study, experts dispelled the myth that sausages are made from offal, soy, meat of cats and dogs.