The scientists said, some methods of dealing with craving for food work

Insatiable craving for food or strong desire to eat certain foods can negate any efforts to maintain a healthy weight. However, there are several ways to alleviate the problem . Their absorbirowawrzayasaCurrent Opinion in Endocrinology Diabetes and Obesity

The researchers analyzed 28 studies. Their results largely confirm previous findings that food cravings can be reduced with changes in diet, some medicines, physical activity, and bariatric surgery.

Excessive craving for food influence what people eat and their weight, but there are some highlights of our behavior and diet that we can control. Attention to food wishes gives more opportunities to control them, says Candace Myers (Candice Myers), a researcher from the Center for biomedical research Pennington (Pennington Biomedical Research Center) at the University of Louisiana.

There is, for example, one proven way to reduce cravings for certain foods: they need to eat less. In other words, better not to eat than to eat very little.

Craving for food is a conditioned reflex that can not be forgotten. Dealing with it is not easy, but possible, says John Apolzan (John Apolzan), Director of the laboratory of clinical nutrition and metabolism Center and Pennington.

The researchers also came to some conclusions about food cravings:

  • Weight loss reduces food cravings.
  • Physical inactivity increases the voracity.
  • Dietary habits and weight gain depend on the cravings about 11%, more than is known today genetic factors.
  • Many medication obesity reduce food cravings.

Different demographic and socioeconomic groups may respond differently to food cravings. However, little is known about these differences, so in this area more research is needed.

Craving for food is an important part of the problems that prevent weight loss. It doesn’t explain the weight gain at 100%, because of the role played by other factors, including genetics and dietary behavior, says Myers.

Dmitry Kolesnik