To drink tea and coffee on the plane is dangerous

Travelers are reminded about the need to beware of the dangerous bacteria living inside aircraft. Professor at Hunter College in new York Charles Platkin spoke about why you shouldn’t drink tea and coffee during the flight, the scientist was published by the New York Post.

In particular, Platkin said that drinking coffee or tea prepared on Board the aircraft may be unsafe because of the risk of contamination by microorganisms like Escherichia coli. According to the scientist, of the capacity in preparing tea and coffee, difficult to clean.

“The planes land, but after that tank nobody cleans because there’s no time. Again fill them to the brim. Everything that settles to the bottom, there,” – said the expert.
Plotkin led the study, which concerned the food on Board the aircraft. In the course of this project, interviews were conducted with 11 companies. These workers including answered questions about the exploitation of water tanks of aircraft. Speaking about their condition, the scientist noted that “things in the aircraft is not in sight, like water, are not among the main priorities of cleaning”.

The expert also advised to use their own sanitizers after visiting the toilet.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that the flight attendants do not have time to disinfect tables and other surfaces in the cabin of the aircraft, and the headrests of the seats in the aircraft are teeming with dangerous bacteria.