Two-year-old girl to save need Redkaya blood from Asia

Two-year-old American girl from Florida, sick with cancer, needs blood transfusion extremely rare blood. You can detect it only in Asia.

Little Zainab Mughal living in South Florida, suffers from neuroblastoma, or cancer of the nerve cells. She needs a blood transfusion to save life, as she’s going through chemotherapy. However, in the body of the child is missing a common antigen, which is most of us in the blood. As a result, the number of matching for transfusion of donor blood is reduced to less than 4%. However, these donors must be wholly native to Pakistan, India or Iran, that is to have ethnic origin of the aboriginal inhabitants of these countries are also having second or first blood. Finally in their blood must also be missing this antigen.

Of course, find that donor that would fit under such stringent requirements, it is very difficult, and the blood of the child is needed urgently. That’s why parents Zainab threw cry on the Internet and through the media. They are looking for the right people who could give a certain amount of his blood to treat the child until it was too late. A tumor of the girl found in the stomach two months ago, and the doctors believe she grew up there for 10 months.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer specific nerve cells of the nervous system and other tissues. Every year with this disease faces no more than several hundred Russian children, it is usually diagnosed before the age of 5 years. Neuroblastoma usually develops in one or two adrenal glands in the abdomen of the child or in the nervous tissue, which is located near the spine in the neck, chest, abdomen or in the pelvic region. Cancer can spread to surrounding tissue, hit the bone marrow, bones, lymph nodes, liver and skin. Treatment depends on the child’s age, size and location of the tumor and metastases. (READ MORE)