Unwillingness to drink water indicates possible irregularities in the body

Water you need to drink even if the person does not feel a sense of thirst, say researchers. They emphasize the importance of drinking the clean water and not other liquids in the form juices, teas, broths, etc. the Experts spoke about why some people do not want to drink water: according to them it can be a symptom of disorders occurring in the body.

Unwillingness to drink water says about possible violations in the body, said the researchers. According to them, the human body physiologically in need of clean drinking water, but this need not always felt. In particular, reluctance to drink water can indicate the depression of renal function of the kidneys, or the violation of transmission and perception of impulses in nerve cells.

Scientists are reminded that the body expends every day in different ways up to 2.5 liters of water is not heat, and at quite a comfortable temperature and humidity. In a hot environment and with increased physical activity the body loses fluid more rapidly. Therefore, the body physically needed moisture to replenish the water balance. The lack of water in the body contributes to the emergence of kidney stones, malfunction of the metabolism and weight gain, blood clots, headaches, wrinkles on the face.

The total absence of thirst and a reluctance to drink water should be cause for concern, experts say. Also this should be the occasion to visit the hospital to get checked out by nephrologist, neurologist.

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