Vegetarians need to remove pork from vaccines

Vegetarians now require not only a vegan diet, but appropriate medications. They claim that the flu vaccine contains pork gelatine.

The use of porcine gelatine in vaccines and other medicines is a violence against the rights and beliefs of vegetarians, as stated by the representatives of this movement from the British vegetarian community. The leadership expressed its extreme disappointment with the fact that animals components present in the drugs. The community noted the rapid growth in the popularity of vegetarian and vegan products, but it negates the use of drugs with animal ingredients. Magicforum recalls that the gelatin is added as a stabilizer in many vaccines and other medicines in order to prevent spoilage during transportation and vibration.

Moreover, the representatives of the vegetarian community stress that I do not encourage people to refuse vaccination, as do some religious groups. The presence of pork gelatin can be especially offensive to Muslims because their religion forbids contact with such products. However, even Muslims can make an exception if we are talking about risk to health and life, and no other alternatives these drugs are not available, as stated by the representatives of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Pork gelatin is used in the influenza vaccines for nasal application, in the injection from robbing and MMR. Although the regulation of science are alternative stabilizers as soon as the chosen some constant, for example, pork gelatin, any change of the formulation of the vaccine is a very difficult task, as they require multi-year re-test for safety. (READ MORE)