‘We have to do something’: Musician Chantal Kreviazuk talks mental health

The Canadian Mental Health Association is marking 100-years of service with the help of a well known Winnipeg singer-song writer.

Chantal Kreviazuk told Global News Morning she feels strongly about addressing mental health head-on and not just bottling it up forever.

“If we all just talk a little more and think a little more about this, we would be better off in society,” she said.

Kreviazuk believes everyone should learn as much as they can about mental health.

“Someone once told me if a family member is sick, the whole family is sick. That really, really hit me hard. It’s a responsibility to learn about mental health and how it’s impacting people you care about. It’s not easy though,” said Kreviazuk.

“If you do even a little bit of work, the payoff is phenomenal,” she added.

Kreviazuk said the CMHA is important resource for all Canadians.

“The fact that it exists here for all of Canada is phenomenal. They are doing great work and they continue to improve on what they doing which is very important,” she said.

Kreviazuk said it means a lot she is taking part in the centennial gala Thursday night.

“Being Metis and being from Manitoba, there’s so much turmoil in our history. I know mental health is a massively important topic in this community. I feel as though places like Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Maritimes receive resources later. In many ways, we are still at the beginning of trying to heal communities. I just really want to see resources to continue to grow and improve,” said Kreviazuk.

“We can’t just sit there. We have to do something,” she added.

The gala takes place at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Thursday. More information about the gala can be found here.

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