Woman thinks she’s pregnant – then, Doctors make a shocking discovery

As Keely to increase Favell from the Welsh Swansea 2014 started weight rapidly, they believed, first of all, you would just be thicker.

But her belly grew and grew, as the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported. As you can two years later the surgery, the Doctors not a Baby.

If you asked a Stranger if she was pregnant, she played

The British news channel BBC, the 28-Year-old said:

“I was always a little chubby, but over the years I slowly get this belly. He grew so slowly that I didn’t know that there’s something wrong. I thought, I’ll just have to.”

If a Stranger on the street asked when her Baby came, she played with, because it is to embarrassing to war to tell that you are not pregnant.

“I’m with my friend Jamie Gibbins for ten years, and we have already asked multiple times whether I’m pregnant – but we have made several Tests at home, and have ruled that out.”

At the same time insist your Doctors – despite several negative pregnancy tests – the fact that she is pregnant.

“When you looked at me like that, everyone would have believed that I am in the ninth month,” she said.

The Doctors were shocked

In Faith, she was pregnant, let your wife’s doctor in January last year using ultrasound to investigate.

“I was there with Jamie next to me and the Radiologist moved the probe over my belly. I saw your eyes in fright increased, but the screen was just black.”

In a further study, a doctor noted that she had a large cyst, which was surrounded by liquid.

“The doctor told me that I was not fat – actually I was pretty thin. I’ll never forget the shocked facial expression of the doctor, when he was looking for me.”

At this time, the Favell problems while Running, and suffered from respiratory problems.

The cyst was removed in March of last year, operationally, and weighed a gigantic 26 kilograms. This corresponds approximately to the weight of seven normal sized newborn. Favell Said.

“I could hardly believe that I so long with this medical Alien in me wandering around am. It looked like a huge pile of ice cream.”

After four days in the hospital, she was able to return home.

“I can’t thank my surgeons enough”

And although her a large scar will remain similar to that of an old-fashioned C-section and stretch marks, you will probably in the future really pregnant, and to children.

Your recovery is going well and although there were a few minor problems, today much healthier than last year. “Both physically and mentally,” said Favell.

She had completely forgotten how difficult even simple things like driving or stairs were on the rise. “The lumps to get rid of, has given me my life back again. I can’t thank my surgeon enough.”


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