Woman Who Lost Her Sight for Hours from Eyelash Extensions Warns Others: 'Be Careful'

Megan Rixson has an important PSA for people who want eyelash extensions.

“Girls be very very careful where you get your eyelashes done!!” she tweeted on Oct. 19. “I got my individuals done today somewhere new and it turns out they used nail glue on my lashes. I genuinely lost my sight for 2 hours. Thankfully the swelling has gone down, but there [sic] still very sore. Be careful.”

“This [right eye] is on fire. This [left eye] won’t open as much. This is as far as I can open them. This [right eye] is more closed,” Rixson told the camera in an accompanying video. “I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because my eyes are just continually watering. Everything is very blurry.”

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“When she was doing the first one my eyes were stinging lots,” Rixson told BuzzFeed News. “But she said, don’t worry, it’s normal, and told me to hold my eye open.

“It was burning so much my eyes were naturally closing, but she kept telling me to hold them open,” she continued to the outlet. “After she was done, I sat up on the bed and couldn’t open them. I said, this isn’t normal, but she kept saying it was.”

Two hours later, Rixson reportedly used eye drops and eye wash to help regain her sight.

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“My eyes are recovering well, still very sensitive. Occasionally the left eye blurs and both are a tiny bit sore but are getting better every day,” she told BuzzFeed News.

In June, celebrity lash expert Clementina Richardson, who founded Envious Lashes, gave PEOPLE tips for safely getting eyelash extensions.

“Safety should be your number one concern,” she said. “Finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes is definitely a must. Depending on the state, the stylist also needs to be licensed, not just certified. Research who you want to go to and call them and ask them questions about their license and how long they’ve been in business.”

“Nail salons and nail techs are not licensed to apply lash extensions,” Richardson added. “I would stay away from that altogether!” She recommends customers ask about the lash adhesive. “At Envious Lashes, we use a medical grade, formaldehyde free, non-irritating formula that is suitable for women even with the most sensitive eyes.  We also offer a sensitive version as well.”

“Do not go for the cheapest price, and take the time to do your homework. Make sure to look at their before-and-after photos, read reviews and ensure the studio looks clean and safe upon arrival,” Richardson advised. “It’s extremely important to also choose a salon that understands your language, as a language barrier can cause poor communication with styling or the preference you desire.”


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