Women choose free childbirth without the help of doctors

In some countries, the growing popularity of the movement “free delivery”. On his page in Facebook women with interest learn about how and why you need to give birth without the participation of health professionals.

Some time ago, the California native lost the baby after she tried to give birth to him in the middle of the desert without any help of doctors or midwives. The woman did it because she was a supporter of the controversial movement of “free labour”. His followers believe that professionals in the field of obstetrics and gynecology are “overwhelming forces” during a very personal and sensitive to each woman’s process of procreation. Supporters of “free labour” aware of the fact that as a result of childbirth every year in the world dies for 275 000 of the fair sex.

Note that in the USA the mortality rate during childbirth is the worst among all the other countries of the developed world, and this includes mortality rates in hospitals. That is why many Americans have become literally afraid of doctors and think about some alternatives. Some mothers-to-be decided to give birth at home, which will be held with the help of professional midwives, but there are more radical women who adhere to the concept of “free labour”. On the website of the online communities are regularly published dozens of stories from women who have given birth without any medical help. They say that all births took place on the level of intuition, they were helping nature and loving people like her husband or girlfriends.

Many of these women had previously given birth in hospitals, then they have developed a phobia towards medical institutions. This movement is gaining popularity in other countries of the world, what bothers physicians. The fact that only normal births occurring without any complications have a chance to succeed in this environment. If during childbirth will start bleeding bad or there is some other emergency situation, the woman will need immediate medical help. Of course, that even in the most beautiful natural settings like a forest clearing or a tropical beach, a young mother this help from anyone will not receive that may have most unfortunate consequences. (READ MORE)