3 dried fruit, which is useful in the winter

Dried fruit is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. All of these nutrients strengthens the immune system and bring huge benefits in maintaining health in the winter. What dried fruits are recommended to regular use?

The prunes.Its use helps to fill the energy from the decay which affects almost all winter. This dried fruit contains a lot of minerals – such as potassium, important for reducing high blood pressure. In addition, prunes are good for digestion, helps constipation.

Raisins. The dried fruit is used to treat anemia to stimulate the production of hemoglobin. According to experts, eating raisins encourages the body to work harder on creating an additional layer of protection against pathogens, so it is especially useful in the winter, the season of the raging infections.

Figs. In winter, many acute sweet tooth. Dried figs in this respect, useful for the tooth as an alternative to sweets ready production. This dried fruit retains all vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit and very popular in winter, when there is no fruit variety.

“Dried fruits should be chosen very carefully: give preference to those dried fruits that is dried the most natural way, without the use of sugar and sweet syrups,” – shared the recommendation of the experts.
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