3 product wonder suggest for colds

Three popular product, invariably referred to in the recommendations for people who has a cold is citrus, raspberry jam and tea. About why these products are actually in vain advise those who have a cold, said the famous TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva.

Product that suggest nothing for colds: citrus. Yes, it is believed that a cold needs more vitamin C. However, a cold or acute respiratory disease (acute respiratory disease) is characterized by inflammation of and mucous membranes. The acidic juice of citrus fruits, when applied to inflamed mucous membrane, will only be the additional irritation.

Product that suggest nothing for colds: raspberry jam. According to the expert, to drink tea vprikusku with raspberry jam is a bad idea in the cold. The fact that sugar is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, constantly living on the mucosa. Sweet jam that enters into his mouth, then the esophagus and stomach, increases the risk of bacterial complications. In addition, the sugar inhibits the cell activity of macrophages, stimulating the immune defense.

A product which is knowingly suggest a cold tea. Drinks such as tea and coffee, contain a lot of caffeine, inhibits antidiuretic hormone and giving the effect of a diuretic. The body is dehydrated, and as a result decreases the volume and circulation of blood. The immune system thus weakened, the immune cells come in foci of inflammation with blood.

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