4 types of products that cause addiction

Food can cause addiction, not a weaker narcotic. The group of nutritionists have carried out extensive study and were able to classify the types of products which cause such dependence.

1 type of products causing addiction: sugar. Experimentally proved that the sugar receptors of the rat brain reacts as cocaine. So sugar in our days add not only sweetness, but also in many other foods. Thus, according to the researchers, sugar can act as a trigger for additional dependencies: for example, when in experiments the rats were deprived of sugar, they switched to alcohol.

2 type products that cause dependence: bread.This product is probably the only one that can be used day-to-day life and not get bored. Moreover, many can not imagine their diet without bread and visibly irritated by his absence. Scientists say that ingredients in the bread to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol – is it any wonder that fans of bread develops a dependency?

3 type of products causing addiction: monosodium glutamate. Sausage, chips, crackers, instant noodles contain MSG. For this reason, often feel a strong desire to eat something from the list even the most dedicated healthy lifestyle-nicks. This additive greatly enhances the taste sensations that causes the brain to require supplements.

4 type of products causing addiction: pickles.Salt, which is often deliberately added by producers in large quantity, is applied in contact with the human body to the neurotransmitter receptors of the brain responsible for reward. Thanks to their activity the person feels happy, so foods that contain a lot of salt, are used more and more.

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