5 best foods for the night

It is believed that the habit of eating at night is very harmful, but to go to bed with an empty stomach – it is also a mistake, according to doctors. To eat at night is not necessary, but some snacks you can afford. Moreover, so correct. Experts have called the best foods for such occasions.

Before bed snack useful as it helps to maintain a stable level of U.S. sugar. If you choose the right foods, even eaten at night they will start in the body processione fat vosstanovleniya muscles, say scientists.

They called the best foods for such occasions.

Product 1: bananas. Eat at night, one is not too sweet the banana is good because this fruit contains a high concentration of magnesium icalia that improve the condition of muscles. When muscles are in good shape, the body does not hoard fat.

Product 2: almond. This kind of nuts – one of the best. The abundance of healthy fats in almonds causes the body in their digestion to keep blood sugar at the same level. By the way, almonds, and bananas have magnesium tryptophan relating to substances that help to relax to senuti.

Product 3: honey. Very often late in the evening like sweet. Honey is the best option in this situation.

Product 4: oatmeal. A small portion of oatmeals porridge helps to ensure that the body to actively produce serotonin, and thus speeds up the onset of sleep. Proper sleep improves your metabolism.

Product 5: kiwi. Eating kiwi due to the high fiber content carotenoidrich antioxidants. improves the health of the digestive system of the body, reduces the intensity of inflammation, reduces cholesterol levels.

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