6 combinations of products that harm the health

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition said on what combination of products can slow down your body.

Cheese sandwich plus a Cup of coffee – typical of many Breakfast. But scientists find a similar combination of food ingredients unhealthy. Bread, coffee and sugar are sources of carbohydrates – these substances impair the absorption contained in the cheese, and very useful (in particular, to strengthen the bones) calcium.

In addition, it is wrong to combine tomatoes and cucumbers. According to experts, for the assimilation contained in these vitamins vegetables require different enzymes, so proofmaster use cucumbers and tomatoes useful minerals newsviva properly. People at this moment likely to suffer from bloating and unpleasant “shots” in the stomach.

Should not eat together meat and cheese: phosphorus contained in cheese, slow the absorption of zinc, which is found in meat. Meat and pasta is yet another example of totally inappropriate combinations: a duet of these products are difficult to digest and can cause a violent fermentation in the stomach.

In addition, it is not recommended to use together potatoes and eggs. In potatoes in large quantities are minerals, and high levels can adversely affect the absorption of iron and calcium, components of eggs.

Do not combine the potatoes and butter. Consumption of potato increases blood sugar level and activates the production of insulin, which has a stimulating effect on fat cells. Add to the potatoes the butter makes the concentration of fats in the body just rolls over.

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