6 products, from which should be abandoned in the cold

According to doctors and experts in nutrition, eat certain foods can aggravate inflammation in the body, peculiar to catarrhal infections. Therefore, the use of these products in traditional medicine should be abandoned.

In particular, experts believe that prostodushie must limit the intake of sugars – the use of this product prevents the removal of mucus from the upper respiratory tract. Sugar is a perfect breeding ground, including pathogenic organisms, and the abuse of sugar with a cold can weaken the lymphatic system.

Also in the list of foods which should not be in the cold, entered dairy products. In the case of their use physicians are advised to focus on their own feelings. Some people have milk products thicken mucus, makes breathing difficult.

Drinks and foods with caffeine can also worsen the condition of people with a common cold as cause dehydration. Ill just need to actively drink – plenty of fluids improves elimination of toxins. Also, when you cold you need to give up alcohol: its consumption and healthy people it is recommended to use with reservations and conditions when the disease of alcoholic productimage to deprive the body of the last resources that will go on her cleavage, and I could go on-resistance of the disease.

Meat is another product, which according to some experts in the cold should be abandoned. Meat contains a lot of fat, which will require the body’s extra forces on the digestion. The same applies to fatty foods (fries, pizza) is a combination of different fats in their composition can suppress the immune system, already weakened by fighting the common cold and other seasonal infections.

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