8 most low-calorie sweets

Nutritionists have called the sweetness, the use of which is not associated with a high risk of extra weight gain.

The consumption of sweets has the effect antidepressant that important during the cold and cloudy season. Those who follow the figure, experts advise to pay attention to dark chocolate – not only does it contain fewer calories compared to milk, but also useful for strengthening blood vessels. Honey in its caloric value is not inferior to the Sahara, but it is sweeter and therefore less is eaten, – besides its vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Also the need for sweets can fill the marmalade is one of the most low-calorie desserts. Due to the content of pectin, has the properties of an absorbent, marmalade is able to reduce cholesterol and accelerates the excretion of unwanted components.

Another friend losing weight – marshmallow: this treat is also low in calorie level, but it gives the body phosphorus and iron and protein. Healthy version of the dessert is considered to be candy, which has properties similar to Zephyr and marmalade.

Those who can not imagine their existence without the sweet, nutritionists recommend to include in the diet all natural candied fruit. This kind of dessert is important to strengthen the immune system, nervous system substances – ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, tocopherol. Halvah and you’ll be average rather than low calorie, it is still preferable to desserts with contents of flour and saturated fat – it has vitamins A, b, E, and the use of halva benefits the heart.

Also in the list of low-calorie sweets, with their useful properties, experts included jam.