9 combinations of products that are particularly beneficial for health

Experts say about this phenomenon as food synergy: this refers to the combination of products give the body the maximum benefit. Some products are more useful to humans is in the range, not individually.

About the most favorable for the body mixes food told the Belarusian scientist Olga Peresada. In particular, one of the most useful, she said, is the combination of iron and vitamin C – this Duo ensures better absorption of vitamin. Source of iron can be meat, beef liver, and vitamin C to be found in vegetables such as red peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach, celery, and broccoli.

Also improves health the combination of carotene and unsaturated fatty acids. Although usually a vegetable rich in carotene, called carrots, much more saturated with this substance red sweet pepper, the expert said. Fatty acids provide the nuts (ideally walnuts), vegetable oils – olive, Flaxseed.

Everybody knows that green tea is very useful. It contains catechins – enzymes with antioxidant action. Increases the amount of catechins the addition of ascorbic acid, so green tea is useful to drink with lemon. Just don’t put the lemon in boiling water, give the first drink to cool down. Especially useful this tea for smokers.

The scientist also approved the combination of oatmeal with milk. Oatmeal – a source of easily digestible magnesium, and it helps the body absorb calcium from milk.

In addition, it is useful to combine buckwheat with poultry. This meat contains zinc, which is needed for the assimilation contained in buckwheat vitamin B6 – this vitamin plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Other useful combinations of products scientist have identified mixes of apples with red wine, scrambled eggs with red bell pepper, fish with garlic, cheese and parsley.

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