A Cup of coffee a day prolongs life

From the American heart Association made a statement about the fact that coffee can prolong life. Each additional standard Cup of coffee a day can prolong the average lifespan for men – 3 month on 1 month, established researchers.

Scientists have found that coffee contributes to the prolongation of life, and not only in the form of additional portions. It turned out that immediately after one drinking of Cup of coffee, life is extended by 9 minutes.

According to the arguments of the researchers that coffee prolongs life due to its ability to significantly reduce the risk of heart failure and stroke. Their work showed that with each additional Cup of coffee the risk of stroke is reduced by 8% and risk of heart failure – 7%.

In addition to the Americans, the ability of coffee to prolong the life of the studied by British scientists. In the experiment, initiated by the Cambridge University, people who drank 350 ml of coffee a day, reduced the possibility of a premature death at twelve percent, and three times drank a large portion – eighteen percent. Cambridge experts have noted that coffee contains antioxidants and other substances that improve the condition of the body that reduce inflammation, stimulate liver function and help to prevent cancer. All this, in their opinion, also contributes to the effect of life extension, which provides drinking coffee – even in the form of a Cup, but drink every day.

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