All about lentils: benefits and harms

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The types of lentil and its composition

Use lentils

What kind of lentils is more useful?

The dangers of lentils

Everyone knows that porridge is incredibly good for your health. This applies to lentils, and absolutely all kinds. In this article we will tell you about what the benefits of lentils and what is its harm.

The types of lentil and its composition

There are several types of lentils, which are distinguished by their taste properties. All the benefits of this cereal is not so very different from the type that you take to the store. So, there are brown, green, red and black lentils.

The first type is great for stews, soups, because when cooked it becomes soft and very tender. Green lentils better to put in the salad, had a nice arenavirus. Red lentils are also very soft, it is better to use for mashing. And black, like green, is also well suited for salads. This is the most uncommon kind.

Consisting of lentils and lots of vitamins, minerals, folic acid, fiber. But most importantly is a great source of protein, which is especially useful for vegans and vegetarians. The calorie content of lentils is relatively small – 100 grams there are only 116 calories. This makes the product an ideal dietary plan.

As for vitamins, it is the wealth of B1, B6, B2, B3,. of the minerals copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron, potassium and magnesium. Such a great composition of lentils and determines its favor.

Use lentils

The value of the lentils is in its useful properties. The spectrum of action of the grains is incredibly high. It has a beneficial effect on all people – children, men and women. A major component of lentils is a protein. Accordingly, we can safely say that the porridge is useful for those seeking to build muscle mass. It is possible to significantly reduce muscle pain after exercise and faster to restore them. And lentils to cope with this task not worse than the famous chicken.

In General, when talking about the benefits of lentils, mean mainly the promotion of health, especially the heart, protect against diabetes and obesity. The fact that the composition of lentils include magnesium, which helps to improve blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and mineral components throughout the body. If magnesium in the body is not enough, then the probability of a heart attack. To prevent it you need to eat more lentils.

In the lentils a lot of potassium, fiber, folic acid. Due to these components is also supported cardiovascular health. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol, prevent the formation of plaques in blood vessels that impede blood flow. And folic acid helps to protect and strengthen the walls of the arteries, which in itself is a guarantee of lesser risk of heart disease.

In addition, cereals can be a natural remedy to control blood sugar. There is no fast carbs, which slows down the rate of absorption of sugar by the body, which means that the insulin has time to channel glucose into muscle cells and liver, and not to turn her into fat.

It is worth noting the use of lentils for the brain and nervous system. The thing in large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are required by these parts of the body. Especially useful b vitamins and magnesium. Thanks to them, improving concentration, memory, increased attention.

Of course, lentils and plays a role in digestion, as it can improve metabolism, normalize bowel function, eliminate constipation. Due to the high concentration of fiber prevents the development of colon cancer. Not less useful benefits of lentils losing weight people. It is a long time saturates the body, preventing overeating and a set of extra pounds. It is not so many calories, as we have said, but huge in vitamins and minerals. Lentils have a low glikemichesky index.

Most interesting is that lentils is good for the skin, this is yet another benefit. It is able to repair damage, reduce inflammation, relieve the skin from dryness. Not less good overall for the immune system – reduces the growth of tumors, stimulating the production of cells that kill metastases. Thus, lentils are important for cancer prevention. This croup are destroyed free radicals, reduces cell damage, and lentils removes toxins from the body.

It should be noted undoubted benefit of cereal for pregnant women. After this period and during lactation increases the need for iron, and lentils are rich in this component. But for men there is some benefit: lentils improves the quality of sexual life. Thanks to it increases the production of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, which are important for male health.

What kind of lentils is more useful?

We have said that there are several types of lentils. The most useful can be called red and green, each of which has its use, its contribution to human health. So, in the green more dietary fiber, plus it retains its shape and its properties during cooking. And red quickly fall apart, although it has more protein and iron. Green is recommended in hepatitis, hypertension, rheumatism and cholecystitis. And red are very important in anemia, blood diseases due to the high content of iron.

The dangers of lentils

Based on the foregoing, use lentils very much. But there is harm, you ask. Of course, but first and foremost harm cereals due to contraindications. For example, from its use should be discontinued patients with kidney disease, gout. The fact that the purine that is found in lentils, will contribute to the accumulation of uric acid. This is the main harm to the lentils.

Also to Krupa did not cause you harm, it should be her right to choose and store. Packaging should not be damaged. Appearance should be relevant: the traces of moisture or insect damage can certainly cause harm. Quality lentils – dry, firm, solid and clean, uniform color. Such a mess can not cause harm.

In addition, you should pay attention to the storage of the product. It must be placed in a sealed container in a cool, dry and dark place. So it can be stored for a year and not to cause harm. The finished pudding can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator up to three days. After you recommended it to be disposed of, otherwise you face the risk of poisoning.