Brain training can help to lose weight

Another study showed that we can lose weight with your mind. We are talking about the so-called functional training images that create images that cause you need motivation.

Several reputable academic institutions, including the University of Plymouth doing research in the field of a technique called functional training images. These exercises develop in the brain the imagination that helps a person to keep the motivation. They are trained to use a so-called multi-touch visualization to see yourself having something of a success. This changes the relation to those or other challenges, including healthy eating. As a result, people begin to make healthy food because they want to, not because they are obliged to do.

These exercises show that the concept of slimming power of the mind really works. However, in order to achieve success, the necessary personal meetings with a psychologist who teaches how to present in the brain these images. One of these experts explained that in the beginning asks the person to imagine in the mind of the lemon, then squeeze it until it forms a juice, and to imagine that a few drops happen to fall in the eyes. Once this picture becomes more or less real, you can move on to the next stage, during which the person with closed eyes have to imagine yourself already thin, with all the typical sensations, sounds and even smells.

It’s not about seeing yourself in the mirror with slender proportions, and about some things that you can do it, already losing weight. For example, running around the house, in the gym or just play with the kids. This technology has shown very good result, and approximately 60% passed through such a workout, there was a steady weight loss without typical of many diets stress. (READ MORE)