Broccoli helps protect the brain from stroke

According to a study conducted by researchers from king’s College London, eating broccoli may protect against the development of stroke. In broccoli contains sulforaphane – a substance that activates the brain’s protective enzyme, established scientific experts.

In the experiment on mice, scientists were able to ascertain that sulforaphane when ingested contributed to the decrease in the intensity of oxidative stress, which is cell damage by free radicals. As a result, animals that have reduced susceptibility to stroke, as in the case of a stroke made it less heavy.

The researchers commented on the fact that tablets on the basis of the broccoli component sulforaphane can save from death the people who are experiencing acute violation of cerebral circulation. According to who, stroke annually reaches 15 million people. If doctors are taken measures to rescue within four hours after a stroke, a person is more likely to recover functions of the body, fully or partially. In practice, only 8% of the number of survivors of stroke are able to return to his former way of life, up to 50% of patients suffer a repeat stroke within a year after the first, which often leads to death.

Watching the action Solfatara on the brain, scientists said that the substance is broccoli not only protects from stroke onset, but also on the development of neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. Preliminary studies showed that the composition of broccoli is also a substance nikotinamidadenindinukleotida capable of preventing the deterioration of liver function, vision, metabolism, and reduced bone density – violations that have a significant impact on the aging process.

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