Cabbage juice will cure cancer and ulcers

How much do we know about the beneficial properties of cabbage juice? Experts from Spain called the advantages of this healthy drink which can surprise us.

Weight loss. Cabbage juice is the perfect drink for those who persistently fails to bring the diet to the end. This beverage contains a lot of dietary fiber, it also helps flush the body of different kinds of waste and AIDS in digestion. The number of calories in the juice is minimal, making it an ideal diet drinks.

Inflammation. Have cabbage juice pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. This drink contains amino acids, which effectively fight a variety of inflammatory processes, and especially those that develop on the skin.

Cancer. Did you know that raw cabbage is antikantserogen? Studies show that cabbage juice contains isocyanates, accelerating the metabolism of estrogen and thereby providing additional protection against tumors of the breast, lung, prostate, stomach and intestines. Cabbage juice helps cancer patients to expedite the recovery process.

Colitis. Cabbage juice – the perfect remedy for intestinal health. It helps those suffering from colitis because it contains chlorine and sulfur, which effectively cope with the inflammation of the colon.

Ulcers. You will be surprised, but the acute ulcer can be treated with cabbage juice that is rich in vitamin U, can protect the inner lining of the stomach. Namely her tears and leads to ulcers.

Anemia. Cabbage juice contains folic acid, which helps in the production of new blood cells and fight anemia. Begin drinking cabbage juice, and you will definitely recuperate. (READ MORE)