Can food cause gallstones

The gallstones cause a lot of unpleasant pain. If they can appear in the result of malnutrition?

The gallbladder is a small SAC located just below the liver that contains bile. This liquid converts dietary fat during digestion, bile is secreted in the intake of food, that is food. Some people have an imbalance of chemicals in the bile leads to the excessive formation of only one ingredient, and that creates stones. The gallstones are very common and most people they do not cause any symptoms. But if the stones traveling through the ducts of the gallbladder or get stuck in them, then it leads to severe pain.

These stones are the most common in women over 40, and the risk factors include obesity, liver problems or bowel like syndrome inflamed intestine. There is medical research which has shown that gallstones can be the consequence of low-calorie food. However, this risk is very small. It is possible that an unexpected change in the amount of fat disturbs the balance of the ingredients of the bile, causing stones.

Most people with gallstones do not need treatment, they suggest just to wait. If these stones are accompanied by pain or colleagues, then to control them recommend a diet that is low in fat. Pain invasive treatment is used in severe symptoms, and then the surgeons remove out stones from gallbladder, or, ultrasound is used for crushing. (READ MORE)