Can plants harm health?

Green shoots make the room nicer and cozier – but how do they affect us? Whether to grow a home garden to improve their health? Let’s see what scientists say.

Beauty is dangerous

Do not have to have a rare tropical flower to get a poisons. Azalea, milkweed, oleander, begonia – these plants can cause heart rhythm disorders, burns, nausea and even hallucinations.

However, growers usually have no idea about this: to poison, to eat a leaf, fruit or flower. But children and animals in danger – from them, such plants should be put away. Or (best of all) to grow only the safe types.

Can be treated house plants?

I believe that there is no means better than a leaf of aloe from your own windowsill? But experts say that houseplants should not be treated – in the best case it will be useless. At worst you can get poisoning.

Tropics at home

If plants very much, the house can increase the humidity of the air. For the Russian apartments is rather good: in the period of heating in our homes becomes too dry.

However, if you overdo it, the house is lush bloom of mold and fungi. And it allergens. Runny nose, asthma and chronic fatigue? Constantly have a headache? Perhaps you are too fond of gardening.

To avoid this, you need to disinfect all surfaces in the house and every day to ventilate. However, even if you have no colors, it is still worth to do it.

Green allergen

Any flower can cause allergic. Some experts even suggest to donate blood for allergens before you put the house plant.

What is the result?

It turns out that flowers are the Pets in the house. In order not to harm neither myself, nor they, will have to study the “materiel” and to constantly pay attention to them. Then, in the struggle for the health of house plants will “play” on your side.

The air in the home can be 5 times dirtier than the street and 10 times more toxic: there are no flowers not cope. Tell what to do in the article “How to make the air in your home clean?”.