Carbohydrates prolong life

A diet with a high content of carbohydrates has a positive effect on health and even prolongs life. This was stated by scientists of the University of Sydney, the results of their study published the journal Cell Reports.

Contrary to popular belief, carbs prolong life, showed new experiments of scientists. Experience conducted by experts on mice, demonstrated, in their words, that “the consumption of high carbohydrate foods increases brain activity and increases the duration of life.” In particular, animals that actively eat carbohydrates, showed a better cognitive abilities – better trained and more learned.

Scientists cited the example of residents of Japan. According to a traditional Japanese diet contains a lot of protein is only 9%. But plenty of vegetable carbs, rice and noodles. And the nation who use these carbs is a remarkable tendency toward longevity. According to experts, is not a strict restriction of calories can contribute to great health and longevity.

The factor of life extension has more to do with the composition of the diet, not a calorie, they say. Although this does not mean that food should not be any restrictions.

The researchers intend to find out what doses you need to get the carbs and what foods should be their sources to it is really health and has helped extend the life.

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