Chinese fast food protects against senile dementia

Can Chinese fast food to help in the fight against senile dementia? In this food filler is added MSG, has a mixed reputation, which improves the memory of patients.

Chinese fast food or different kinds of noodles and rice in boxes takeaway is gaining popularity in different countries, including Russia. However, the experts repeatedly said that it’s not really healthy kind of food. And now a new study has shown that the Chinese fast food may in fact have useful properties, not only to pamper the taste buds. Scientists believe that pork and chicken with rice or noodles can help protect you from senile dementia.

Japanese researchers analyzed 200 patients who already suffered from senile dementia. They were divided into two groups depending on if they were taking Chinese fast food with MSG (monosodium glutamate) or not. This is ambiguous on its reputation filler, which is also found in hot dogs, canned goods and potato chips, is used as the amplifier in order to make different kind of dishes more pronounced taste. However, in medicine there are concerns about its safety, which is why MSG is used less and less in recent decades.

Victims of dementia, who participated in the study, went through tests of memory. They showed that eating Chinese food on a daily basis leads to some improvement in memory. In particular, people can remember more words in time of different kinds of tests and more easily answer the question about what time it is. Therefore, individual components of Chinese fast food activates the hippocampus and enhance memory. (READ MORE)