Conventional ladder helps to determine the risk of early death

Scientists conducted a study involving 12 000 patients suffering from coronary heart disease. The work was carried out for five years, during this time, scientists found that those people who resisted the disease, reduced the risk of death 3 times. They noted that to determine the risk of disease can help climbing the stairs to normal.

Employees of the University hospital a coruña, invited the participants to walk slowly or to run on a special track by regularly increasing the speed and intensity. Scientists noticed that participants with good functional abilities, reduced risk of disease and death.

The results further proved the benefits of exercise and their need for health and longevity. Dr. Pitaro stressed that in addition to reducing weight, the activity has a positive effect on the pressure and the lipids, protects against inflammation and strengthens the immune system, able to answer even the tumor.

As expected, the part of the experiment with the study of the echo images sent people who are at risk of death from heart problems and blood vessels. Scientists noted that patients don’t need to undergo any difficult and expensive test to check the level of physical training, as there is a cheap way of checking the 4 flights of stairs.

The researchers say that if the person can quickly climb to the 3rd or 4th floor without stopping, it means that it is necessary to increase the amount of exercise to avoid the risk of mortality. Cardiologist advises to pay not less than 2.5 hours a week of moderate aerobic exercise or 1.5 hours of vigorous activity or a combination of two types of classes.